CrestCore Realty is licensed in Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee, and we currently manage properties in all three states. Today we are talking about why you should choose us for your property management needs. These are some of the reasons you should work with us (besides the fact that we are awesome):

Investing Experience

CrestCore was founded by investors, for investors. We were investors before we were property managers so we understand your needs. We couldn’t find another property management company focused on the needs of property investors so we built one. We started in 2001 and are currently manage around 2500 properties.

Property Management Software

Our management system called PropertyWare really sets us apart from other property management companies in Memphis. PropertyWare is accessible to our owners online, giving you the ability to log in and check reports in real time. You can see everything from collections reports to maintenance work orders. You can see requests that have come in, bills that have been paid and pictures of your property before and after the work. There are also marketing tabs so you can see feedback from agents as they show properties. We make sure everything is as transparent as possible.

Client Service

CrestCore has a dedicated client service department with the sole purpose of communicating with our clients. This department answers your emails and calls, and we guarantee a same day response. Because you are not here with your property day in and day out like we are, we take communication very seriously.


We have deliberate processes in place for everything from vacancies to leases. Our system tracks every property and sends out automated emails every time there is a status change. We treat each property equally and treat clients with one property the same way we treat clients with 200 properties. As an owner, you don’t need to feel like you are a little fish in our big pond.

In House Maintenance

CrestCore has a dedicated in-house maintenance and repair department including licensed plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians on staff. If you call a random contractor, you don’t know when they’ll go out to your property, and you don’t know what kind of job they will do. For us, it was a necessity to gain control of this process for our owners. We are able to do our own rehab work, repairs and maintenance. We also have the benefit of controlling pricing, and all discounts are passed on to you. You get better repairs for a better price.

Why CrestCore Property Management in Memphis, TN?Those are five things that set us apart in the Memphis area. If you have any questions, please contact us at CrestCore Realty.