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CrestCore’s Memphis Property Management services are the best in the business. This business was founded by investors, for investors. We were owners and landlords before we were professional property managers. We know what matters.

We know that residential property management is more than collecting rent and signing leases. It’s strategizing for success. At CrestCore, we believe in educating landlords and investors like you so that you can enjoy a better ownership experience. We’ll help you find the right property, choose the right tenants, and earn more on your investments.

Memphis Property Management Services:

We Manage Properties in Berclair, Frayser and the Surrounding Areas

Communication and Transparency

Successful residential property management requires trust. To quickly establish and maintain that trust, we need to communicate and share. We do that exceptionally well at CrestCore. Communication is essential, and you’ll be able to reach us when you need us. We also utilize our state-of-the-art technology and software systems to keep you in the loop.

You’ll always know how your property is performing, whether it’s a current listing or occupied with tenants. Check your owner portal to find records of rental payments, invoices for maintenance work, and copies of inspection reports and lease documents.

We have been providing an outstanding investor experience since 2001, and we know that our success and yours begins with communication and transparency.


Systems & Procedures

At CrestCore, we are deliberate and intent. That means being consistent and fair, and sticking with the systems and the procedures we have worked so hard to establish. We’re always improving what we do – because we know what works, and we’re not afraid to experiment.

You’ll find that we have a process for everything. The successful implementation of our Memphis property management services depends on these processes. We know exactly how rent will be collected, what we’ll do if it’s late, and how we’ll respond to emergencies or disputes.

Our advertising and screening process is systematic and proven. We are prepared.

In-House Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important parts of our Memphis property management services. We know that repairs can be expensive. We also know that they cannot be ignored. Our in-house maintenance team helps us keep your repair costs down, while protecting the condition of your asset.

You’ll find our maintenance team is licensed, skilled, and professional. We have plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians dedicated to the needs of your property. Controlling the maintenance process and its costs is a huge benefit to our owners.

We know exactly who will be doing the work, we know it will be done right, and we know you won’t have to pay more than you have to.

Memphis Property Management: Free Rental Analysis

We Know The Market In Mid-Town, Bartlett and Adjacent Neighborhoods

Charging the correct rent is a big part of getting your property rented quickly to the best possible tenant. We’re strategic about pricing your home, making sure it’s competitive for the Memphis market, but also positioned to earn you the most rent possible.

Educating investors to look at the market before you buy is part of what we do. If you aren’t sure what you’ll be able to earn on your rental property, contact us at CrestCore. We can provide you with a complimentary estimate and rental analysis.

We help owners in all of Memphis, which covers the zip codes 38122, 38127, 38128, 38109, 38118, etc.

Well done. You guys take a lot off of our plate so that we can focus on other responsibilities. Best in the business. Thanks for all you do for our investments.

Blake Dickens, owner

Professional Property Management Fees in Memphis and The Rest of the Mid-South Area

Choose the Best Management Price For Your Mid-Town or Adjacent Property

Full Service Management
Tenant Placement Fee 75% of 1 Month's Rent
Monthly Management Fee 10% Monthly Management Fee
Rent Assessment
Marketing the Property
Finding Tenants
Tenant Screening
Full Legal Compliance
Property Maintenance
Rent Collection
Eviction Process Handling
Property Accounting & Reporting
Monthly Owner Statements
Property Evaluations
Owner & Tenant Portals
Tenant Maintenance System
Leasing Guarantee
Pet Guarantee
Maintenance Guarantee
Capital Improvement Evaluation Upon Request
Bi-Annual HVAC Maintenance Agreement Upon Request

Full Service Management

75% of 1 Month’s Rent
10% Monthly Management Fee

Rent Assessment

We thoroughly research market rates to maximize the rent amount. We also recommend property improvements to increase asking rents.

Marketing the Property

We use a comprehensive advertising plan, including online avenues as well as traditional platforms, to reach all potential tenants.

Finding Tenants

We use in-house and external leasing agents in addition to state-of-the-art self-showing technology to gather as many applicants as possible.

Tenant Screening

We’ve set high qualification standards and have a detailed application process, which includes income verification, background checks, and credit checks!

Full Legal Compliance

Our leasing agents and property managers are all licensed. And, we conduct all our activities in accordance with State and Federal law as well as the National Association of Residential Property Managers Code of Ethics.


Detailed monthly statements, annual reports and IRS compliant reporting.

Property Maintenance

We have a dedicated maintenance team of qualified vendors and a “sister” maintenance company to ensure prompt repairs and we are on-call 24/7/365 for emergencies.

Rent Collection

We manage all rent collections for your property. We have strict policies and standards in place to collect rent as effectively as possible.

Eviction Process Handling

We use an attorney to assist with the eviction process in the unlikely event that a tenant needs to be removed from the property. This enables us to win an overwhelming majority of our eviction cases.

Property Accounting & Reporting

We have an in-house accounting team who oversees all accounting and reporting functions. We use Propertyware management software — the leading, comprehensive, integrated accounting, maintenance, and advertising program available to the industry./learn_more]

Monthly Owner Statements

We simplify your life by connecting you to our Owner Portal to receive monthly owner statements.

Property Evaluations

Detailed, on-sight evaluations of your property to review and report on property condition upon request.

Owner & Tenant Portals

We give you real-time access to your properties via your Propertyware Owner Portal. Prospective residents can apply online with the click of a button, existing residents pay their rent online instead of sending rent checks by mail.

Tenant Maintenance System

From their mobile device, Tenants can conveniently place maintenance requests, schedule appointments and communicate with vendors, making life simple for our tenants.

Leasing Guarantee

If a tenant we place into your rental property leaves before the end of the 6 month term, we will not charge you a Leasing Commission to find a replacement tenant. (excluding moves for military orders).

Pet Guarantee

While we are managing the property, we cover up to $1,000 in damages to your property that is caused by a pet we approved for your rental.

Maintenance Guarantee

Maintenance service performed by our in-house maintenance company is guaranteed for workmanship for 1 year.

Capital Improvement Evaluation

Annual visit and report on capital improvement needs for your rental property.Upon Request

Bi-Annual HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Regularly scheduled service program of your properties HVAC system.Upon Request

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