“He that can have patience can have what he will.” Benjamin Franklin

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This quote reminds me of several other quotes.

“There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” – Ronald Reagan

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

It also reminds me of the Old Testament story of Jacob working seven years to marry Rachel.

To me, these are all examples of focusing on a goal rather than the time or effort it takes to accomplish it.

Personally, I find this hard to do since the 21st century mindset is instant gratification.

One thing I’ve been doing recently to foster patience in the pursuit of my goals is to focus on 2073. That’s the year I turn 100.

For the past several months, I’ve been thinking deeply on the question, “What do I want to have accomplished personally, professionally, spiritually, financially, etc. by the time I reach 100 years old?” Since it’s over half a century away, it gives me a very long-term perspective and helps me be patient considering 57 years is considerably more time than the 43 years I’ve already been alive.

As a buy and hold real estate investor, contemplating the future reminds me that if I am disciplined and consistent I will eventually get what I want. Most people won’t because their patience will run out and they will give up.

I have only been in the investment business for 15 years, but I have seen it countless times. People either think they know what they want and get impatient or they never really wanted what they said they did.  In both cases people don’t end up getting what they said they wanted.

There are two keys that will help you reach your dreams over the long-term.

1. Decide what you want

2. Have patience until you get it

It really is that simple. It’s just not easy.

What do you want and how can you get it by being patient?

Originally posted by Douglas Skipworth on Bigger Pockets, February 23, 2016