Marketing Your Memphis Rental Property: How to Attract Quality Tenants - Article Banner

Quality tenants are absolutely necessary to a profitable and successful rental experience. Whether you’re renting out a single property or an entire building of rental units, you’re not going to get far if there isn’t any rent to collect. In order to collect rent, you need tenants who can be counted on to pay it. 

The best tenants are those who pay rent on time, take care of the property as if it was their own, and cause the least amount of disruption and conflict for their neighbors and for you. You want a good communicator and an honest and responsible renter. 

To find these high-quality tenants, you need to create a marketing campaign that attracts them. 

Photos and Videos Showcases Memphis Rental Homes

Have you noticed that we’re living in an image-based society? 

We are. Visual presentation is everything. You could have the best rental property on your block, but if the photos don’t tell that story, no one is going to notice it – especially not online. 

Start your marketing process with a generous number of fantastic photos. Highlight all of its benefits and unique aspects. These photographs are your first impression. Make a good one. 

A fancy camera and a professional photographer would be great, but those are investments. You can probably do just as well with a great camera phone and some good ideas about lighting and angles. Your listing has to represent your property in its best possible way. Include as many photos as you can, always capturing: 

  • The kitchen
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Living room and common areas
  • Yards and outdoor space
  • Any special features, like stainless appliances, wood floors, or garden tubs

Video tours are popular, and if you can load one with your listing, you’ll have a lot of people eager to see your home for themselves. 

Clear Marketing Communication

Marketing is not just about getting the necessary attention for your property. It’s also about building trust and transparency with the people who are interested in renting it. You’re looking for ideal tenants, and so you have to attract them by sharing expectations, being honest, and making yourself available. 

Be clear and concise about the features of your property, the rent amount, and what will and will not be allowed. Disclose your policies on pets, parking, and guests in the listing. Quality tenants want to know exactly what they are signing up for, and transparency helps them feel comfortable and secure about applying for a home or scheduling a showing.

Intuitive and Convenient Showings 

Rental WebsiteWith your listing splashed across every popular rental website in and around Memphis, you’ll likely generate a lot of interest. When prospective tenants want to see the home, make it easy for them. Self-showing technology is more accessible than ever. Install a digital keypad or a lockbox on your door so tenants can let themselves in, securely see the home on their own, and then lock up when they leave. 

This moves the marketing process along far more efficiently than trying to schedule a showing in person. It also gives your prospective tenants privacy and space, which they’ll appreciate. 

Design a great listing, remain responsive and available, and let your prospective tenants see the home on their own terms. You’ll find you have a much more efficient marketing process. 

To talk more about how to effectively get your investment property listed and rented, please contact us at CrestCore Realty. We’re here to help with all of your Memphis property management, leasing, and marketing needs.