Just like you, I have always wanted to better myself. I’ve always wanted to reach my full potential and achieve all my dreams.

My desire to improve has taken many forms over the years from reading books and taking classes to finding mentors and listening to recorded messages (e.g., audio cassettes, CDs, podcasts, etc.).

One of the most consistent self-improvement tasks I have undertaking is to collect quotes and useful passages that encourage me to find my calling and maximize my talents.


20+ Years Ago

I started saving inspirational quotes in a folder. I had great intentions, but it was hard to consistently review them.

15+ Years Ago

I started storing the useful and inspiring messages digitally in Excel. Again, it was difficult to design a plan that kept the quotes in front of me.

10+ Years Ago

I moved the quotes to the Cloud. At that point, the quotes were readily accessible, but I still did not have a foolproof system to read them frequently.

5+ Years Ago

I put the quotes on my Cloud calendar as a daily email alert and I’ve been reviewing them every day for thousands of days in a row!

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This year, I want to take one quote a week and write a few sentences about how it’s helping me achieve my dreams in my real estate investing business (most of the quotes are about improvement in general or business and real estate specifically).

I store the quotes alphabetically by author, topic, and/or beginning letter.

Since there are 52 weeks in a year, I intend to share one quote a week from each letter (from A to Z) for the first six months. Then, I’ll repeat the process again for the second half of the year with a new A-Z quote. (Currently, each letter has several quotes so I won’t be able to review every quote this year.)

Originally posted by Douglas Skipworth on Bigger Pockets, January 4th, 2016