Enhancing Your Memphis Investment Property's Curb Appeal on a Budget: Cost-Effective Tips and Tricks - Article Banner

You don’t have to be a real estate investment expert to know that your rental property’s curb appeal is critical to attracting new tenants and retaining current residents. The exterior of your property is the first thing that people see when they’re thinking about renting your home, and it often sets the tone for their entire experience. Either they’ll establish an emotional connection with the property and imagine themselves living there, or they won’t. 

Enhancing your property’s curb appeal can be costly, especially if you have a sprawling yard or complicated landscaping. 

Keep it simple and do it on a budget. This is completely possible, and we’re sharing some cost-effective tips and tricks that we’ve collected over our many years managing Memphis rental homes

Look at the Lawn: It Should be Tidy and Short

Curb appeal starts with your lawn. Make sure that the grass is short, green, and well-maintained. Hire a landscaping service to mow the lawn weekly or bi-weekly. You also want to fertilize it, water it regularly, and remove weeds, if there are any. Hiring a service isn’t expensive, and you can roll the amount that you’re paying into your rent. This is a benefit for your tenants, too, because they don’t have to worry about maintaining the outdoor space.

Add a Splash of Color with Flowers and Plants

Make things pretty out there. Add some color to the front of your property by planting flowers and bushes. This will add a hint of color as well as a natural touch to your property and make it look more inviting. If you don’t want to dig up the lawn, simply plant them in a flower bed or in pots. If you’re serious about not spending more than you have to, plant seeds instead of fully grown flowers. 

Improve the Front Door of your Memphis Rental

The front door is the entrance to your home, and it’s easily the focal point of your property. 

Painting the front door can make a huge difference in enhancing your Memphis investment property’s curb appeal. Choose a color that complements the property’s exterior and makes it stand out. Painting the front door is a simple and cost-effective way to give your property an instant facelift. If you don’t want to paint the door, at least add some new hardware. A shiny door knocker or a new door knob will make the door stand out.

Evaluate your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LightingOutdoor lighting can improve your property’s curb appeal while also enhancing security. You can install lights along the walkway or use outdoor lighting to highlight architectural features. You can also use solar-powered lights to save on your energy bill.

Investing in your Memphis rental property’s curb appeal doesn’t have to cause budgetary problems. You can make these simple, cost-effective changes and find yourself with a rental home that’s a lot more attractive than when you began. 

These quick curb appeal tips will help make your property more attractive to potential tenants. You’ll have an easier time filling vacancies, and your existing tenants will appreciate the improvements, too. 

If you have questions about the curb appeal at your own rental property, we’d be happy to provide some customized suggestions. Please contact us at CrestCore Realty. We’re here to help with all of your Memphis property management, leasing, and maintenance needs.