On 12/12/15, Dan Butler was a guest on Pieces of the Puzzle: Journeys in Creative Real Estate Investing with Robert Feol. In this segment, Dan talks about the principles that drives CrestCore to serve our community.

CrestCore Mission: Servant Leadership

At CrestCore we view our work as our calling and we hold firmly to the following principles: Integrity, Personal Accountability, Service, Partnerships, Growth, and a Long-Term Perspective. The reason we are in business is to continually increase our long-term value by making people’s lives better.

Summer is the new Poplar

This summer are excited to open a new modern office building on Summer Avenue. We support the Summer Avenue Merchants Association SAMA and the development of this street which we believe will be the new Poplar Avenue in Memphis.

Lessons in Frugality

Dan 300300 roundWhen it comes to real estate investing, frugality in the form of price shopping is key to being successful. At CrestCore, we created our own in-house maintenance company, CityLight Commercial Services, to keep our prices low and our quality of service high. If you are interested in low-cost, high-quality maintenance for your own properties, give us a call at (901) 385-3119.

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