Our Management Services

We are the perfect match for real estate investors because we are investors ourselves.

Our principals own several hundred of the properties that we manage, and we use the same people,  systems, and tools to buy, rent, and manage their properties as we do for other property owners. Said another way, we are the best at buying, renting, and managing rentals because we eat our own cooking!

In addition to the buying and selling services we offer investors, we provide the following  management services for a monthly management fee of 10% of collected rent*.

Please watch the The Four Fundamentals of Property Management summary video below to learn more about the fundamentals of property management (the full presentation is available by clicking here).

 Marketing the Property

CrestCore Realty jpgWe use a comprehensive advertising plan, including online avenues as well as traditional  platforms, to reach all potential tenants.

We thoroughly research market rates to maximize the rent amount.

We recommend property improvements to increase asking rents.

We use in-house and external leasing agents to gather as many applicants as possible.

Leasing the Property

We’ve set high qualification standards and have a detailed application process, which includes:

-employment checks

-income verification

-background checks

-face-to-face interviews

-rental history checks

Our leasing agents are all licensed real estate agents. And, we conduct all our leasing activities in accordance with State and Federal law as well as the  National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics.

Maintaining the Property

We have dedicated maintenance teams and a “sister” maintenance company to ensure prompt repairs.

We receive volume discounts from local vendors to save money on repairs.

We offset repair costs from monthly rents collected.

Please watch our Three Ways to Save Money on Property Maintenance video below to learn more about saving money on property maintenance.

 Collecting Rent for the Property

We manage all rent collections for your property.

We have strict policies and standards in place to collect rent as effectively as possible.

We use the eviction process in the unlikely event that a tenant needs to be removed from the property.

Accounting and Reporting for the Property

We have an in-house CPA who oversees all accounting and reporting functions.

We use Propertyware management software (the most comprehensive integrated accounting,  maintenance, and advertising program available) to: 

-respond more quickly and offer better service to both owners and residents.

-save time and paper by using email to send monthly owner statements.

-pay you even faster every month with direct deposits via ACH.

-give you real-time access to your properties via your Propertyware Owner Portal.

-market your properties in more locations across the Internet, filling vacancies much faster.

-allow prospective residents to apply online with the click of a button.

-allow residents to pay their rent online instead of sending rent checks by mail.

-process and respond to maintenance requests more quickly.

Please watch the How Can I Manage Multiple Like a Real Estate Professional video below to learn more about managing rental property on your own.

*There is no management fee charge during vacancies.